Identity designers, like KYMBA, are in the business of managing perceptions through the integration of meaning and distinctive visual form. Understanding the sequence of visual perception and cognition provides valuable insight into what will work best. 

The science of perception examines how individuals recognize and interpret sensory stimuli. The brain acknowledges and remembers shapes first. Visual images can be remembered and recognized directly, while words must be decoded into meaning. 



The KYMBA Aesthetic

Your Eyes will dictate your purchase decision-making

We first have to understand what is going on in the mindset of our consumers when they come across your branding. If it has been thoughtfully established with having key elements in mind, you've controlled the consumer's mind during the critical seconds they scan your business brand. Visual identity and brand aesthetics triggers perceptions and unlock associations of the brand. Sight, more than any other sense, provides information about the world. 

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