To make decisions to affect outcomes,  like buying new products or using products for symbolic reasons, consumers must first engagein processes described in the psychological core. they need to be motivated, able, and have the opportunity to be exposed to, perceive, and attend to information. They need to think about this information, develop attitudes about it, and form memories. 

The cultural environment also affects what motivates consumers, how they process information, and the kinds of decisions they make. Age, gender, social class, ethnicity, families, friends and other factors affect consumer values and lifestyles, in turn, influence the decisions that consumers make and how and why they make them. 



Paying Attention to Consumer Behavior 

do not neglect this area of branding

What affects consumer behavior  as they make their acquisition, usage, and disposition decisions? The many factors are organized into four broad domains which are:
1) The Psychological Core
2) The Process of Making Decisions
3) The Consumer's Culture
4) Consumer Behavior Outcomes

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